What we do

Interlect Analytics provides independent research and analysis on macro trends and market dynamics in China. By leveraging our deep country knowledge and our quantitative textual and numerical analytics tools, we help investors, asset managers, multinationals and governments better understand the challenges and opportunities they face when engaging with China and its market.

Most economic and financial analyses on China predominantly rely on traditional numerical data or manual qualitative interpretations of policies. These approaches have often failed to capture significant episodes of risk in China’s markets in a timely fashion despite early signs in the textual data.

Our proprietary text-based indicators and quantitative analyses, coupled with rigorous numerical data analysis, offer a powerful alternative to quantify and forecast risks and movements in macro variables that are challenging to capture with conventional tools, and help our clients recognise emerging trends and risks ahead of the curve.

For a free preview of our research notes, see QuickScan: The PBOC’s Optimistic Outlook and QuickScan: Taking Stock of Money Supply Developments.

Johannis Bayer - Founder and Director

Johannis has over a decade of industry experience as a top-level conference interpreter and communicator. He has served many Fortune 500 companies and heads of state and government in meetings with China's president and premier. This has given him a rare perspective on policy-making processes in China and the forces that shape China’s macro economy and market dynamics. As part of his work in financial markets, Johannis closely monitors and analyses key policy decisions, important events, and data releases by public and private sector agencies in China.

Johannis holds a master's degree in oriental studies from the University of Cambridge and conference interpreting from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Melbourne, and also holds certifications in financial modelling, valuation, capital markets and securities analysis (FMVA® and CMSA®) from the Corporate Finance Institute.